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Why Indixpert Academy?

A well-crafted eco-system tailored to empower you as a independent tech professional in rapidly evolving tech-industry

Open Academy

A well-crafted ecosystem tailored to empower you as a independent tech profesional in rapidly evolving tech-industry.

Industry Assignments

Experiential Learning with Industry assignments from innovative Start-Up, Projects from Community Forums and Industry Use cases from organizations across the world.

AI Driven Skills Intelligence

AI-driven assessment platform to conduct skill-gap analysis, compare with industry standards, and pinpoint areas for upskilling and reskilling for continuous improvement.

Autonomous Career Profile

We help shape your self-reliant career profile, guiding you to showcase autonomy, problem-solving, innovation, and adaptability in the tech industry.

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Tech hub in city

Blended Learning hubs in Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 cities offering you an experiential learning opportunity.


Multilingual Platform

Don't let language be a barrier to your tech aspirations; start your journey to becoming a global tech professional here.


Talent Ecosystem

Discover networking, collaboration, and employment opportunities with the Talent Ecosystem right in your city.

Indixpert is creating impact

I am able to access cutting-edge tech education from industry experts, which allows me to start a tech career with global opportunities, right from my city.


Amit Joriwal

Tech Career Aspirants, Bikaner

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Smart Certificate with Progressive Credentials

The certificate offers a digital skill profile with progress tracker, immediate verification, worldwide recognition, and AI-based skill analysis, enhancing professional development and employability.

  • Digital certificate with profile information
  • Verify the authenticity of the credentials instantly
  • Global recognition with skill intelligence insights
certificate Certificate is awarded after program completion.